"Seriously one of our favorite parts of the entire wedding."

Sarah and Daniel G. 2013 Wedding

Lights, Camera...Action!  Lets talk about lights.  We can change Foto-robot's lights to be any color you want to match your decor. Want flashing lights?  He can do that too.  Light is his favorite thing on Foton, without it, he would not be able to take photos.  

Backgrounds can be lots of fun.  We have access to a wide variety of the more popular solid colors to match your decor as well as beautiful textured/patterned backgrounds, including red, black, silver, ivory, gold, and damask.  This adds a nice level of cohesion with foto-robot and your event.  Have your own?  We can use that too.  Lets have fun with this!

You can choose printing either a 4x6 print with 3 images or classic photo booth strips.  In all cases, we personalize your print with your event name, date, logo/branding, print background colors, line art design, etc.  We can print multiple prints per guest as well.  Just let us know about your theme.

Background Choices

L.E.D. Lights

Customized Prints

Personalize your Foto-Robot Experience!

With Foto-Robot, you can personalize your experience so that he blends in with the theme of your event decor and branding.  Being an advanced photo booth from another universe, they don't think twice about blending in.  On the planet Foton, they are friendly and want every interaction and experience to cater to your needs.