• Foto-Robot is Awesome, how do we book him?​​ The next step is for us to gather detailed information from you and write up a service agreement. When you return the signed document with the deposit, your date is officially reserved and Foto-Robot is yours.
  • What deposit do you require? We require 50% of the total fee due with the signing of the
    agreement. The second 50% is due 10 days before your event. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.  
  • Is sales tax included? Sales tax is not included in the price and will need to be
    added to the overall total. The tax rate at our studio is 10%. 
  • Are there travel fees? There are no travel fees if within 60 miles or less. There may be additional travel fees outside of the 60 mile radius. If we are traveling out of the greater western Washington area, we may request you provide a hotel room for the night.
  • Can I hire Foto-Robot for more or less than 4 hours? Yes, he is available for shorter events. Foto-Robots at $250 per hour after with a minimum of 2 hours.  If you want Foto-Robot to party with you longer than 4 hours, its only $200 additional per hour.
  • I know Foto-Robot has a lot of props, can we supply our own?  Absolutely!  If you have your own props that fit your event, we can add them to our existing table of props, which include hats, swords, mustaches, glasses, laser guns, masks, and of course, a rubber chicken!
  • What special requirements are there for Foto-Robot?  He requires a 110V 3-prong power outlet and a floor space no less than 6'x8'.  He fits well in most corner spaces.  He prefers to be inside, but can be outdoors if it is not raining or not in direct sunlight.
  • Will there be an attendant?  Yes!  They are fun, professional and will get your guests having lots of fun with Foto-Robot.  They will also set-up and breakdown Foto-Robot.
  • When do we get our images?  You will get the complete set of images and reprint files approx 2 weeks after your event.  You can receive a DVD or downloadable zip file.
  • Does he really print unlimited prints during the event? Yes, no limits during his contracted time.  We always bring extra paper and ink, just in case.

Frequently Asked Questions

"He would be the best hit at any wedding or party!  I highly recommend him."

-Melissa B.  Southwest Plumbing